Saturday β€’ William’s Pub β€’ Lazy Afternoon Vibeys w/ @CosmoBaker & @Kittybat

This ain’t no regular ass club night 😁.

On some other other, our fam @Djlajas1 did this video with the quickness yesterday from concept to☝️. Get @ em.

πŸ‘‹ #Orlando, we love you.😎😎

Song: Cosmo Baker - Find A Way

(at Will’s Pub)

Super dope week coming up for #Orlando! Kicking things off on Thursday will be the Red Bull Curates: #CanvasCooler Project where 20 local artists will exhibit their own custom designed Red Bull cooler to be permanently displayed at 20 of Orlando’s hottest bars, lounges, & restaurants. We’ll be in the house supporting culture in our city! Follow @redbullORL for more info on how to RSVP to this event!


Last week, the good people of Mxrkt Clothing put together the very first street wear tradeshow of its kind. With a collective effort from a handful of Central Florida clothing brands, The Black Mxrkt Tradeshow was born. Hosted in downtown Orlando at Cafe Annie, heads came out to showcase and…

Next Saturday @willspub we’re proud to host DJ @cosmobaker once again in #Orlando to share some good music with y’all! Warming things up will be the brochacho DJ @kittybat ! #brochachos #oyegd #funtingsagwan

Quite simply, Cosmo Baker is New York’s best and most exciting party-rocking DJ. He is a master of hip-hop, a king of disco & funk, a don of electronic dance music, and his unique style and skill is able to bring it all together to rock crowds of thousands around the globe.

A Philadelphia native, from a city with oneΒ of the richest DJ histories, Cosmo cut his chops alongside contemporaries such as ?uestlove and Rich Medina, and when he relocated to Brooklyn in the early ’00s he helped found the internationally known DJ / remix collective The Rub. During the past 10 years Cosmo has played the four corners of the globe and has released countless mix tapes, remixes, and records.

Now as a solo performer Cosmo is bringing his show to larger audiences around the globe. His knowledge of music is only matched with his uncanny ability to move the crowd. Cosmo is a rare breed of DJ that bridges the gap between the legendary DJs of yesterday and the superstar DJs of today. Cosmo is the missing link between DJ Jazzy Jeff and Diplo. Cosmo is the DJ you want to see, and experience, even if you didn’t know it. Cosmo truly is The DJ of DJs.

Presented by Lazy Afternoon!

Opening set by the one and only DJΒ Kittybat!

This is what it looked like the last time @cosmobaker came to town. Next Saturday (7/26) expect nothing less @willspub ! Direct link to event page is in our bio. You already know ! (at Will’s Pub)

We take gig posters serious. This one is courtesy of the homie Josiah Wess from @parkavecds ! Did someone order a baker’s dozen? Saturday, July 26 @willspub.
CC: Mr. @cosmobaker

Ze vibes is right wit @1986er at The Black @MXRKT Tradeshow. πŸ‘Œ (at Cafe Annie)

Effectness is full right now for The Black @MXRKT Trade Show. Open and FREE to public from 2-7pm with allllll local forward thinkers. Come peep heavy game! #Orlando #community (at Cafe Annie)

This Saturday is looking real tuff. @the_black_mxrkt_tradeshow is featuring Florida’s for real top homegrown brands from 2-7pm β€’ Cafe Annie β€’ DT, Orlando.

Selectors: @spreadsheets // @danielvvl // @bigmakk_ // @1986er // @djsupachang

And then after the show it’s the after party at @Spacebarorlando. “Shake that body, party that bod”

Salute to @MXRKT for putting it all together. Only the strong. ✊ (at Cafe Annie)