Next Saturday (Aug 9th) - Lazy Afternoon Presents: @djspinna @sandwichbarorlando. Psyched to pull out the E&S DJR 400 for this! Sandwich Bar is gonna sound πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ, not to be missed! (at The Sandwich Bar)

@cosmobaker chill chill chill chillllllllllll #orlando (at Will’s Pub)

It’s crazy how strongly @Kittybat brings the feel goods. Waxing dat ass out here. Sew groooovy right now. (at Will’s Pub)

The stage is set for tonight! @cosmobaker x @kittybat x @willspub. Getting ready to kick things off here in a few…don’t sleep! (at Will’s Pub)

On snap…tonight @willspub 😁… #Repost from @cosmobaker Hey Orlando - I’m playing music for y’all tonight but I left my computer at home. What do? (at Will’s Pub)

Incredy vibes for #DerrickCarter tonight. Shouts to #QueensofNoise for the set. #Orlando , you beautiful. (at The Social)

Incredy vibes with #DerrickCarter at @the_social tonight. Shouts to #QueensofNoise on the set. #Orlando, you beautiful. (at The Social)

During a torrential downpour at our 2011 outdoor “Art Basel Edition” party, Cosmo Baker threw on this joint, Eddie Kendricks “Date with the Rain.” Everybody went nuts & started dancing in the rain, not letting a little water ruin the good vibes. Tomorrow night @willspub, can’t wait to make more good memories with our brother @cosmobaker ! #waternogetenemy

Saturday β€’ William’s Pub β€’ Lazy Afternoon Vibeys w/ @CosmoBaker & @Kittybat

This ain’t no regular ass club night 😁.

On some other other, our fam @Djlajas1 did this video with the quickness yesterday from concept to☝️. Get @ em.

πŸ‘‹ #Orlando, we love you.😎😎

Song: Cosmo Baker - Find A Way

(at Will’s Pub)

Super dope week coming up for #Orlando! Kicking things off on Thursday will be the Red Bull Curates: #CanvasCooler Project where 20 local artists will exhibit their own custom designed Red Bull cooler to be permanently displayed at 20 of Orlando’s hottest bars, lounges, & restaurants. We’ll be in the house supporting culture in our city! Follow @redbullORL for more info on how to RSVP to this event!